Sales Automation

Increasingly demanding and complex sales environment such as shifted customer priorities and dynamically changing markets have made “Sales” a highly challenging field in organizations across all industries. Any sales representative is expected to show productivity as early as the time he/she joined the sales department.

Our solution of Sales Application integrates different modules which play an important role in a sale process. The Sales solution includes:

  • Account management: provide a complete view of your customer such as profile, order history, and interactions.
  • Sales Methodologies: ensure consistent sales performance.
  • Order Management: create quotes, proposal, and order tracking.
  • Sales Forecasting: real-time insight into sales and employee performance.
  • Collaboration: File Sharing, Joint Marketing, Threaded Discussion, Instant Messaging, and Document Libraries.
  • Analytics: providing performance indicators which can be translated into a customizable dashboard. Some key indicators includes: Sales, Revenue, Sales Fulfillment, and Pipeline.
  • Mobile Sales: supporting sales professional who frequently works outside of their office environment.
  • Quote & Order Capture: includes a Dynamic Catalog, Deal Management, Pricing Analytics, and Quote & Order Lifecycle.

Sales Application maximizes sales effectiveness by enabling organization to share information across teams. Accounts, opportunities, orders, inventories, and other sales elements are all integrated to improve collaboration between sales experts, partners, and customers which resulted in accelerated quote-to-cash process and increased average transaction values. For major improvements in your Sales Department, our Sales Application Solution is the only way to go.

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