What is Business Process Transformation?

Business process transformation is a term that describe the act of changing the series of business processes to meet a specific business goals.

Business process transformation is performed by companies to reduce redundancies and make their business processes more efficient, improve services, and automate workflow to generate more responsive and relevant business processes.

Why Should Companies Transform Their Business Processes?

Business process transformation is important for companies of any size to make them able to increase revenue and reduce cost, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve better performances.

The Right Steps for Business Process Transformation

A company needs to perform business process transformation if each department has business processes that are not related to one another. This tendency may reduce business processes efficiency, employee productivity and also overall business performance.

The right way to solve those challenges is to have a solution that can help companies to integrate and collaborate all business processes across departments. In this case, the right solution is implementing Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP.

However, if business processes have run well, but the result still cannot help companies to increase revenue and reduce cost as the main goals of performing business process transformation, then the right solution is improving the quality of human resources. In this case, the right solution to solve that issue is Human Capital Management or HCM.

In conclusion, to perform business process transformation, companies need to implement modern systems or technologies to make their business processes more efficient and have employees who are resistant to change. Therefore, the right ways to achieve those goals are implementing ERP and HCM solutions.

To get further information about the role of ERP and HCM in helping companies to transform business processes, you can watch the video on our YouTube Channel titled “Transform Your Business Processes with ERP and HCM Solutions”.

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