Each day, companies are creating an incredible amount of data. Modern companies are always competing to find the right way to utilize data and make better business decisions, be able to make strategic moves, and remain competitive.

The advantages of data are many, but you cannot get these benefits without the proper big data analytics solutions. While raw data has a lot of potential, you need proper big data analytics to unlock the power to grow your business. However, many companies face some challenges in analyzing data, the common challenges are about the costs and resources.

In addition to costs and resources, accessibility issue also becomes one of common challenges in data processing. If these challenges cannot be solved, then analyzing data will not offer maximum values for strategic business moves.

To solve those challenges, now companies can rely on cloud-based big data analytics solutions. What are the advantages of cloud-based big data analytics solutions to solve the common challenges in data processing? Here are the explanations for its advantages:

1. One platform for all data analysis processes

Cloud-based big data analytics solutions can help companies to process, analyze, and visualize data in a single platform. It does not require employees to use multiple platforms that will avoid them to reduce time inefficiency and resources. Therefore, cloud-based big data analytics solutions will help companies to identify more accurate customer need patterns quickly.

2. Allowing an agile way of working

If a company uses cloud-based solutions, employees can use the platform from anywhere and at anytime. If your company is starting to implement digital workspace, then cloud-based solutions becomes more important than before. In addition to flexibility, companies also need to choose the right solution in order to facilitate their employees with high-speed data processing power, so that all employees can work effectively no matter they are working.

3. Empowering everyone with data by having platform with full accessibility for entire organizations

Cloud-based big data analytics allows everyone to become data analytics experts. By using cloud-based big data analytics solutions, you can give your employees a single easy-to-use tool for self-service data loading, discovery, machine learning, and advanced analytics— with no coding required.

4. High-scalability

Scalability is a key benefit of the cloud. In contrast to an on-premise server where you would need to invest in more hardware to increase or decrease your data storage or capacity, scaling up and down on cloud-based solution is much easier.

Whether you need to add more storage, users or access to additional analytics features, you can upgrade or downgrade when you need it and only pay for what you use.

5. Eliminating redundancy

By using cloud-based big data analytics solutions, you are able to improve the collaboration across departments. Cloud-based big data analytics have the capability to unify types of data from multiple sources, all data can be unified in one platform to eliminate unwanted redundancies that can brings new challenges when collaboration is required.

If we are looking at the pandemic-induced trends in today’s businesses, we can conclude that cloud option is better than on-premise.

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