The world is still facing the Covid-19 pandemic challenges, and it seems that we are still far from the end of it. Besides affecting human daily activities, business activities are also affected by the pandemic. This current situation requires organization to avoid physical interactions and transactions, then they need to use digital platforms optimally for customers’ interactions and transactions. Due to this new situation,  organizations need to adapt and implement the right solution to optimize contact center performance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

When it comes to customer service, it is closely related to contact center operations. Before the pandemic, all contact center’s agents work in physical offices. Then now to minimize the spread of viruses, organizations must reduce the capacity of their employees working in the office by allowing the rest of employees to work from home. For contact center operations, this situation definitely brings its own challenges since agents are not accustomed to working and operating the system from their own device and home, and organizations had not previously thought of facilitating this need.

Using Contact Center Solutions to Optimize Contact Center Performance during the Covid-19 Pandemic

“The new normal” also needs to implemented by organizations to protect their employees from the spread of viruses, and the right solutions to adapt to the new normal is using contact center solutions to optimize contact center performance.

PhinCon as a Genesys’ official business partner in Indonesia, providing contact center solutions with flexible deployment options and it can be customized to the needs of each business, both on-premise, cloud, or the combination of them.

Genesys, which has been named the leader in Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service in customer experience and contact center solutions, has powerful advantages and intelligence capabilities if it is compared to other contact center solutions. Genesys’ contact center solution supports organizations to optimize contact center performance during the Covid-19 pandemic by offering these following capabilities:

1. Easy to integrate with other systems

Genesys’ contact center solution is a software-based, which means that it can be easily connected or integrated with other systems such as CRM, Chatbot, KYC or Mobile RM, depending on business needs.

2. All customer interactions can be unified in an Omnichannel platform 

Organizations can unify all customer interactions from various channels in omnichannel platform, both inbound and outbound interactions. Each agent will use the same desktop to provide services, such as responding to customer interactions from various channels and viewing customer journeys. It means that organizations can provide facilities for agents to work more effectively and efficiently because they do not need to use different applications.

3. Providing services in accordance with the needs of each customer

By using Genesys’ contact center solutions, a business will always be able to provide services tailored to each customer’s preferences. This solution is equipped with engagement tools that help businesses to match the right services to each customer and prepare agents with the right skills to address customer complaints or needs.

4. Flexible solutions

Genesys’ contact center solutions comes with flexible deployment options that can be tailored to the needs of each business, both on-premise or cloud. Considering the current situation that requires some employees to work from home, organizations can use Genesys’ cloud contact center as the right solution to optimize contact center performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Organizations can facilitate all agents to work effectively from anywhere, regardless of office location.

Genesys’ contact center solutions support agents to work from home only with their own devices, and accessing applications with a very simple process – opening a browser, logging in, and it is ready to use.

As a Customer Experience solutions provider in Indonesia, PhinCon is committed to always provide the right and relevant solutions to keep up with the trends and needs of each business. Now, organizations can use Genesys’ contact center solutions to optimize contact center performance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Genesys’ cloud contact center solutions can be implemented in a relatively short time, so that organization is able to execute operational transition of their contact center during the Covid-19 pandemic without any significant challenges.

Optimizing contact center performance during the Covid-19 pandemic may bring its own challenges, but now PhinCon and Geneys’ contact center solution comes to support businesses to adapt and run contact center operations optimally amidst the pandemic.