If implemented properly, data analytics can help organizations in capturing and analyzing data effecticely to gather insights about how things functioned in the past, while at the same time predicting the best business decisions to make in the future.

Although the function of data analytics is very beneficial for businesses, common data analytics misconceptions are still there. In this article, we would like to provide the true anwers for these misconceptions because we know that data analytics misconceptions will influence an organization’s decision to start implementing this technology. If you are an organization set out to embrace data analytics, here is a list of the 3 common data analytics misconceptions and its facts:

#1 Data analytics implemention require expensive costs

When we plan to adopt new technology, the most first questions asked is “How much will it cost?”

To answer these questions, we should know about the goals and expectation of new technology implementation. For data analytics technology, the goals are to make organizations easier to manage and analyze data so that it can help them to make faster and accurate business decisions.

Like we have said before, if a company believe the myth that data analytics require expensive costs, they will not invest in it. This case is especially true in mid-size organizations.

But the truth is, data analytics implementation does not require a big investment. Because the expense depends upon the type of solution, features, and capabilities chosen by each company. And if we are talking about its benefits, we can say that data analytics implementation is cost-effective because it enables companies to make better decisions, in turn maximizing the ROI.

Besides, choosing modern platform is recommended to maximize ROI. By choosing modern platform, companies can avoid the unexpected expense that legacy infrastructure usually brings.

#2 AI-powered data analytics will replace human capability

This is the most famous misconceptions, trusted by many people especially employees. Most people think that AI will replace human capability. The truth is even AI is powerful and can work in ways and with speeds which human can not handle, it still cannot completely replace human capabilities.

AI is designed to make human tasks easier, and in other words to augment it, not to replace it. AI-powered data analytics platform is required to make data management and classification faster, while for the interpretation or prediction, they still need human skills and capabilities.

#3 Data analytics is difficult to learn

Most companies say that learning data analytics is very difficult and require complex processes. This misconception arises because most data analytics platform are difficult to operate, then only employees with specific skills in programming or IT skills that companies can rely on to operate data analytics platform.

But the truth is, now we have modern data analytics platform in place – a no coding data analytics platform. It does not require complex processes if a user wants to do advanced analytics.

We need to find all the true answers of these misunderstandings, so that all companies can get all the benefits of data analytics technology implementation, not limited to the size and industry.

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