Modern companies are now more aware of the importance of being competitive and continuously innovating. To achieve that goal, they need the right team with reliable capabilities. However, finding the right person is not easy because they will face many challenges during the talent search process. One of them is the high-cost issue if you want to hire a team with skills that suit the criteria.

Outsourcing service is the right solution to overcome this challenge. It can provide a bunch of benefits for companies if they work with the right outsourcing service provider.

Many signs can indicate the time for companies to consider the advantage of outsourcing services, including IT outsourcing, contact center outsourcing, and others. Of course, every business has the freedom to decide the right time to start using outsourcing services, but sometimes companies don’t realize that it is time for them to take advantage of these services. This article will specifically explore 3 signs for a company to take advantage of outsourced IT services. Here is the explanation:

1.      When it’s hard to speed up time to market

The first sign to consider the advantage of IT outsourcing services is when it is difficult to accelerate time to market. Time to market is an essential dimension for a business if you want to win the competition and shine. Due to a lack of resources, such as reliable human resources and technology, accelerating time to market is complex.

Utilizing IT outsourcing services can help companies accelerate time to market because the project will be handled by professional and experienced personnel. Besides,  all IT-related work will be done more quickly and accurately. Thus, other important work can be dealt with more focus.

2.      Project delay due to a skill gap

The skill gap is the gap between an employee’s skills and the skills that the company needs. This gap can potentially disadvantage the company because it is likely to disrupt its productivity as a whole.

One sign that productivity has been disrupted is the delay in a project, or the project has been running for a very long time but has not succeeded in achieving its goals. If you have experienced this, the company must immediately consider IT outsourcing services.

With IT outsourcing, you no longer have to struggle to find employees with the right skills. So, the company no need to worry about their reputation, resources, and time spent anymore.

3.      When IT is not the company’s main competency

Suppose IT is not an integral part of your company’s core competencies. In that case, you need to find a trusted IT service provider company to help your company complete the transformation project that is currently necessary to adapt to dynamic situations.

By utilizing IT outsourcing services, you can ensure that your company’s digital transformation journey can run smoothly without wasting unnecessary costs, time, and resources.

PhinCon is one of the IT consulting companies in Indonesia that also offers IT outsourcing services. PhinCon is more than ready to become the partner of choice for companies from various industries. With more than 12 years of experience, PhinCon already has IT experts with a satisfying portfolio. All types of projects requiring IT experts can be completed effectively and efficiently with PhinCon.

Things to consider in choosing an IT outsourcing service provider partner are how much experience they have in handling a project (whether small or large projects), team professionalism, and the type of technology and services provided. You can find all these advantages if you work with PhinCon.

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