IT outsourcing is the process of involving external parties to help the company take care of work in the IT department. The company’s demand for technology is growing since technology continues to develop rapidly is not met by the employees’ ability to utilize the latest technology. IT outsourcing service providers are active in updating knowledge and resources regarding the newest technology; hence many companies use IT outsourcing services to catch up with the latest technology development. IT outsourcing handles website development, application development, infrastructure, and various other IT services. How to build a good relationship with IT outsourcing service providers in order to get maximum results? Here are 5 ways how a company can optimize IT Outsourcing performance.

1.   Determine the Goals and Results You Want to Achieve

Many companies do not specify their goals and results to be achieved in detail. If the goals and results are not determined carefully, it will not be easy to decide which IT outsourcing service provider is suitable for the company’s needs and values. Determining the goals and results are clearly will make it easier for the company to find an IT Outsourcing service provider that suits their needs and values.

2.   Know the Company’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Each company has its strengths and weaknesses. The company must be aware of what strengths and weaknesses they have. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses, the company will make the job of the IT outsourcing service provider easier. Therefore, the company does not need to spend unnecessary costs when using an IT outsourcing service.

3.   Prepare a Strategy to Manage Changes

When a company decides to use IT outsourcing, the entire strategies regarding IT systems are not entirely determined by the IT outsourcing service provider. Since IT outsourcing always updates the latest technology systems, the company must also know the current state of technology development and prepare strategies to manage any changes. The purpose is to make the company always ready for existing changes. If changes occur through IT Outsourcing, the changes will not be far from the existing company values.

4.   Establish Good Communication

Many companies put all IT decisions to the IT Outsourcing service provider. However, companies need to establish good relationships with the IT outsourcing service provider, monitor their work, and examine their activities. The purpose is to make sure that the work done by the IT outsourcing service provider follows the company’s strategy and values.

5.   Pay Attention to the Costs and Benefits Obtained

One of the mistakes companies make when looking for the right IT outsourcing service provider is only considering low costs when choosing an IT outsourcing service provider, hoping that the company will get high benefits at a low price. The company should instil a perception that using IT outsourcing services is one of its investments because the cost of using IT outsourcing will be proportional to what is obtained. If the company only pays attention to the low-cost factor for IT outsourcing services, the benefits will not be optimal. Therefore, to decide the suitable IT outsourcing service provider for the company’s capital cost, it must determine its strategy, objectives, results, and ability to use IT outsourcing services.


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