Companies have many data from various departments, such as finance, product, sales, marketing, etc. Companies need technological assistance to store and process big data safely, precisely, and quickly to store and process data. A data warehouse is a data storage system that can be integrated with various sources and analyze the available data sets to produce reports useful for business decision-making. Before using a data warehouse as a place to store your company’s big data, here are 4 characteristics of a data warehouse that you need to know. Knowing these 4 characteristics will help you better understand the functions of a data warehouse.

1.      Subject-oriented

A data warehouse can analyze data on a subject and provide information about that subject. The subject that can be processed are sales, marketing, distribution, income, and others. A data warehouse focuses on data analysis and modelling a subject to make various decisions easily and precisely.

2.      Integrated

A data warehouse can integrate data from various data sources. This data integration capability can improve the effectiveness of data analysis.

3.      Accurate time range

The period of data stored in the data warehouse is also recorded daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The period of a data warehouse is extensive compared to traditional systems, and when processing data, the data warehouse can accurately provide the required time range.

4.      Assured data integrity

The data stored in the data warehouse is permanent and cannot be changed. If the latest data is stored with the same subject, the data warehouse will analyze and sort it over time. So, companies can ensure the authenticity of data and its integrity is maintained.

Those are the 4 characteristics of a data warehouse that you need to know. After knowing the characteristics of the data warehouse, you can immediately plan strategic steps to implement the data warehouse solution to your company.

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