Performance measurement is a critical evaluation that should be done regularly by the company. The purpose is to support the company to grow continuously and provide the best service for customers. In an all-digital era, companies sometimes have problems seeing customer assessment indicators because they usually cannot be assessed through numbers. Several important indicators can be measured to see how well the company serves customers digitally. Here are 3 important indicators to measure digital customer experience.

Important Indicators for Measure Digital Customer Experience

Application development companies need to periodically change the appearance and service to find out customer opinions and determine the right choice. If changes to the application’s appearance are made without proper consideration, it will not produce beneficial results for the company. Companies must know the indicators for assessments to improve the quality of application service and appearance. Here are 3 important indicators to measure digital customer experience:

  1. Availability

Make sure your application displays and provides the content and services you want. It is crucial to know whether a service is actively available to ensure customers have a complete service and have a pleasant experience when using the application.

  1. Functionality

Service and content available in the application have their particular functions. For instance, menu options, service categories, sending messages to customer service have different functions and purposes. Make sure these services are function properly as intended.

  1. Speed

In this fast-paced era, customers want to access applications quickly without a hitch. Make sure your application can load pages, display images, and quickly switch menus without a hitch.

Those assessment indicators work continuously. For example, if the content you present is not active, function and speed will not be a problem, but it will still reduce your digital customer experience. On the other hand, if the service in your application is available and works well but has poor speed, it will be very detrimental to your customers and make the digital customer experience decrease drastically. It proves that the speed factor in applications is crucial, but it will not affect your customer experience if the content is still not working as intended.

Application Performance Monitoring Solution to Help Monitor Application Performance

Technology can make work more accessible, as with an Application Performance Monitoring solution that can help you monitor application performance easily and quickly. Finding problems that usually take a long time will be faster by using the APM solution. Your company will make the decisions easier to improve the application’s appearance that is good for customers. In the end, the level of customer satisfaction and digital customers experience will increase. Furthermore, companies will get loyal customers because of the convenient application experience that meets the customer expectations.


Make sure your company performs the proper assessment in measuring digital customer experience. Companies must also take appropriate steps to make assessing applications’ work easier and more accurately. One of the best ways is by utilizing an Application Performance Monitoring solution to the application performance monitoring easier for companies. Application Performance Monitoring solution is one of the services provided by PhinCon as an IT Consulting company. PhinCon is a subsidiary of the Phintraco Group, serving companies in various industries for more than 12 years.


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