Companies are very careful when determining proper strategies to advance their business. Determining the right strategies depends on the expected results to be achieved. Companies with many applications can use an enterprise service bus to facilitate integration between developed applications. Enterprise service bus or ESB can also make companies more agile because integration between applications is more concise.

Tips for Choosing ESB Platform

There are various ESB platforms that companies can use. How to choose the right ESB platform? Here are some things to consider when choosing an ESB platform for your company.

1.      Lightweight

Make sure the ESB platform you choose is lightweight. A lightweight platform is capable of removing unwanted modules. The lightness of the existing platform also affects the adjustment cost for existing integrations and the amount of heavy work you need to do during the adjustment process.

2.      Multifunctional ability

Most ESB providers only consider an ESB as a tool to integrate and become a separate tool in hosting business logic and publishing services. The ESB platform must have multifunctional abilities to provide other things, such as a lightweight and scalable service container for publishing REST and SOAP services.

3.      Can be accessed by anyone

Make sure any developer can use the ESB platform you choose. By this, you can prove that the platform is credible and can use various configuration models.

4.      Scalable

Investing in technology solutions should be carefully considered because the investment capital allocated is considerably big. So make sure the ESB platform you choose is scalable or can be applied anywhere. The platform should easily embed on your application hardware, apps, or servers. Thus, your company will get many benefits from implementing ESB because of its maximum utilization.

5.      Can be implemented in the cloud

Currently, companies are starting to consider using the cloud in their business processes because of its convenience. Even if your company is not using the cloud yet, the ESB platform you choose should also support cloud usage. So if your company wants to use the cloud one day, you do not have to worry about the cloud migration procedure.

Some companies want to be more agile by reducing time-to-market as a new initiative. The enterprise services bus solution supports this strategy by implementing a simple and scalable “pluggable” system. You can consult further with PhinCon, an enterprise services bus solution provider.


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