In this video I share with you how the Bulgarian gold, the rose oil, is produced. The Rose Festival in Karlovo takes places during the last weekend of May in The highlight of the Rose Festival program is the Rose Queen contest. You can pick up one including only the day of the parade, Sunday. - Official opening of the Rose Festival and crowning of Queen Rose 2011 04 June 2011 - Saturday - Breakfast - Lunch in the restaurant of "Zornitsa" hotel; - Visit to Tommy Show Cosmetics Company and rose products souvenir presentation - Lunch - Visit to a rose oil destilation factory in Tarnichane village; The culmination of the festivities is on Sunday when the visitors enjoy the parade organized by the Kazanlak Municipality. Twenty-fifith International festival of crafts and arts Bulgarika. Each year in the beginning of June you can experience the festival in Bulgaria. The town Kazanlak is regarded as the heart of the Rose Valley, holding a rose festival the first weekend of June.

Usually, a taxi trip in Sofia will cost you 5-20 levs (2.5-10 euro) depending on the distance. 38753 Views. Guide to the Rose Festival. The festival is dedicated to beauty and flowers, spring and the aroma of the Bulgarian rose. Rose Festival in Bulgaria June 3, 2022 - June 6, 2022 Kazanlak, Bulgaria The Festival has been organized annually since 1903 in Kazanlak. Twenty-fifth Regional folklore festival Teketo v. Aleksandria. Visit the famous Rose Festival! Stories of sexual assault have been bleeding through into the headlines over the past few years (the pandemic withstanding). So it is no wonder that Bulgaria has a whole festival dedicated to this beautiful flower. Have you heard of the Rose festival in Bulgaria? About Bulgaria 29 June 2022 The Rose Festival in Kazanlak The Rose Festival in Kazanlak The festival takes place every year, during the first weekend of June. The first Rose Festival took place in 1903 in Kazanlak. Bulgaria Karlovo Rose Festival takes place on 29th May 2021. Strelcha is the biggest rose oil production region in Bulgaria. Bulgaria's Rose Festival has a history of more than a century. THE ROSE FESTIVAL IN KAZANLAK. Firstly, it was founded in 1903 in Kazanlak. Rosa Damascena and Bulgaria's Rose Valley - Home of Bulgarian Rose Bulgarias Rose Valley and Rosa Damascena The Bulgarian Rose Brief History of Rosa Damascena and its Origins Rosa Damascena (or Damask Rose) has a long history with origins as far as Ancient Persia. In 1906 was organized a Rose Festival in Karlovo. The less popular and less visited is in the town of Karlovo. The Rose festival is one of the emblematic celebrations in Bulgaria. The big event is the parade on the main street that attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world. Old rose growers used to organize pageantries in which manufacturers paraded, dressed up in rose flowers. The start will traditionally be given by the competition of choosing Queen Rose. 8.00 AM trip to the rose fields. Bulgaria is one of the very few places in the entire world that can grow this particular rose (Rosa Damascena or Rose from Damascus). Rose festival in Bulgaria . Every year, during the first weekend of June, local community in Kazanlak organizes the annual festival of the roses. On Sunday is the grand rose parade on the main street of Kazanlak. . It has a very exciting Program including a lot of traditional activities. It celebrates our deep connection to the Rosa Damascena the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose and all the gifts it has blessed the Rose Valley with for centuries. This event closes up the festivities and is the most visited one. The program includes other beautiful sites of Bulgaria. Ros Festival. The Rose Festival is one of the most remarkable events for both cities, and every year, the Rose Queen from Kazanlak is invited to participate in the Fukuyama festival. The festival takes place since the first years of XXc until today. The Kazanlak Bulgaria Rose Festival in 2021 will be held from June 4th until June 6th. The culmination of the festival will be the Carnival Parade. It will take place on the 6th of June 2021. April 25, 2017. The program for the Rose Festival in Kazanlak promises several weeks of joy and beauty for the guests of the city. Based on our long-term experience, we came to the conclusion that the festival organised by the local authorities can be very touristy and sometimes not quite well organised. You would be forgiven if you thought the mountains in the background are the best part of the view. The 2022 Bulgaria Rose Festival 5 Days Tour is waiting for you to discover the beauty of the Kazanlak Rose Valley. Dates of the Rose Festival 2022 in Bulgarian Festival #2 The Rose Festival in Karlovo. Caption: A photo of Google Moderator @Ivi_Ge with the Bulgarian Rose Queen Tsvetelina Ivanova. 8.30 AM rose picking ritual /hearty welcome with round loaf and salt, according to an old Bulgarian tradition, rose picking ritual in the rose field, visit to a modern rose oil laboratory, rose and ethereal oil tests. This festival of the roses originates from the celebrations held at the beginning of the rose-harvesting period. Visitors see traditional rose It will allow you to get in touch with the culture and the rich history of Bulgaria. Cultivation of roses probably began 5,000 years ago in China. 12 Festivals In Bulgaria: Know About The Balkan Festivals The Rosa Damascena plant was most likely brought to the Bulgarian lands from the Middle East. The Rose Festival in Kazanlak takes place during the first weekend of June. 7.00 AM breakfast. This is the culmination of all the festivities that start in the beginning of May. 0. It happened to me once. In August 2022/ Monastery "St. prophet Iliya" - v. Aleksandria. The Bulgarian Rose Festival in Kazanlak is held at the beginning of each June, specific, being the main day of the festival the first Sunday of the month of June. Bulgaria is the second largest producer of rose and the worlds largest producer of lavender oils. People from all over the world come here to the Rose valley to celebrate the blooming season and take part in the famous Rose festival. This tour is not only dedicated to this event. The Rose Festival in Kazanlak takes place every year, in the first weekend of June. Cultural, dance, music, artistic, social and sports events happen across Kazanlak and the surrounding villages in May-June. Bulgaria contributes for 70% of the total world rose production every year. Hence it is obvious that the country will host a beautiful festival around this beautiful flower. Held in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak, the Festival of Roses is one of the most spectacular Bulgaria festivals held in summer. It is a colorful, bright celebration of the magic of the Bulgarian rose. The best home for it in Bulgaria was found in the valleys around the Thousands of visitors travel to the Rose Valley in Bulgaria to discover the hidden mystery behind the celebration of the rose. The Rose Festival in Bulgaria The Bulgarian rose production is popularised every year during the Festival of Roses. Each year in the beginning of June, in the famous Rose valley near Kazanlak is held a rose festival the queen of the flowers and one of the symbols of Bulgaria. The Celebration starts with rose harvest, accompanied by songs and dances. Festival of Roses. January International festival of the Masquerade games. Its a rare opportunity to visit, as the Rose Festival in Bulgaria takes place only once per year at the beginning of summer. In August 2022/ Fishing village "Quarantine" - Varna. The country is one of the biggest producers of rose oil in the whole world. Again, I would like to inform you that in Bulgaria we have two rose festivals. Bulgaria is famous for its roses. In ancient Bulgaria, wearing masks was believed to provide protection from evil, ensure a successful harvest, and guarantee health and fertility for humans and farm animals. Rose Festival in Bulgaria is one of the most exciting festivals of the rose in the world. The Festival has been organized annually since 1903 in Kazanlak. Bulgarian Festival #1 The Rose Festival in Kazanlak. The Rose Festival is organized every year and lasts 3 weeks, with the culmination of the event always happening on the first weekend of June Explore Rose Products from Bulgaria The Festival Parade, Rose Queen Corronation and the beautiful Rose Picking rituals are some of the most emblematic events of the Festival Search for: Bulgaria Rose Festival Tours. It takes place in the last weekend of May. May / June. The most beautiful girl who becomes a symbol of the feast will be chosen in a glamorous performance on May 12th at 7 p.m. Furthermore, learn about the Bulgarian Rose and rose oil history. The Bulgarian Rose Festival . Rose Festival Kazanlak History and History of the Rose Damascena in Bulgaria. When it comes to calling a taxi in Kazanlak, I personally use those two: 0431 6143 and 0431 6146 (have in mind the international phone code for Bulgaria is +359). The rose valley is around 95km long and 10-12km wide on average and an average of 300-400 meters above sea level. Tours of Bulgaria, Romania and the Balkans +359 878 95 64 14. Actually I would suggest this one as it is not so overcrowded and hectic. One in five festival-goers has experienced sexual assault or harassment at a UK festival, according to a 2018 YouGov survey.That number rose to one in three female attendees, with only 1% of these women reporting the assault or harassment to a member Participate in Karlovo Rose Festival. It has a total of 1895 square meters of land which is 1.8% of Bulgarias total area. If you find yourself visiting the city in the middle of May or the first days of June, you are highly likely going to experience the Rose Festival in the city.

Our program is specially designed to include another spectacular event, showing the fire dance of the Nestinari on the 3 rd June. In the festive day our Rose valley is full of beauty, positive vibes, dances, songs and rose aroma. The tour offers our guests the opportunity to become part of the annual Rose festival, which takes place in May and June in the Bulgarian Rose Valley. The rose fields in Strelcha spread around 4000 decares. You can choose a program to include two or three days in Kazanlak. At the same time you will still enjoy rose picking and very interesting events. Festivals in Bulgaria | Visit Bulgaria by Bulgaria Private The Festival of Roses, held every summer, takes place in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak, around 165 kilometers east of Sofia. There are many different events during the festival, but you should not miss rose picking, competition for the Queen Rose and fireworks show. Description: Every year at the beginning of June, just before the summer is about to start, Bulgaria turns into a rose garden. You may not recognize these fields are special if you simply drive by. Bulgarian Festival #1: Rose Festival. The first commercially harvested rose fields were planted in The festival is therefore short-lived, 3 oh 4 days and in them many possibilities are concentrated for visitors. The rose oil from Strelchas rose fields has the highest quality possible. The Bulgarian attar of roses is a major component in the perfumery business across the globe. MENU. The Festival of Roses, held every summer, takes place in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak, around 165 kilometers east of Sofia. One of the major festivals is Kazanlak Bulgaria Rose Festival, as well as the Karlovo Festival of the Roses. Today, the holiday has preserved the most essential part of the ancient rituals. Visit one of the world-leading rose-oil distilleries. With the music, songs, and dances, residents and guests of the city pass along the main street of Kazanlak dressed up in costumes of Roman, Thracian, and Greek times. On the coronation day, the whole city usually flows to the streets where the Rose Parade is held. Since then, for 119 years, the festival gained popularity all over the world. Bulgaria is famous for its roses, and it contributes around 70% of the total world rose production every year. bulgaria rose festival tours, kazanlak rose festival tours, rose festival kazanlak 2021, visit bulgaria, guided visits of bulgaria, best deals on bulgaria. This is what Kazanlak and the Valley of roses are really famous for. Presently every year, during the first weekend of June, local community in Kazanlak organizes the annual Bulgaria Rose Festival.